Graeme Jordan Weightloss Program

Graeme Jordan’s Weightloss Program

Graeme Jordan HCG Diet for fast and healthy weight lossWhat is it about Graeme’s program that helps you lose weight fast? The all-natural Weight loss Program along with a complete clean, eating low calorie diet brings about changes to the Hypothalamus Gland. This is a gland that is buried deep down in the massive human brain and controls all that happens inside the body. This is where the central nervous system controls all the automatic functions of the body, such as heart beat, digestion, sleep, urinary system, breathing, sex, the autonomous or vegetative nervous system and via the pituitary the whole interplay of the endocrine glands.The Hypothalamus Gland also controls the complex operation of storing and issuing fuel to the body. Once this gland is reset and functioning normally again maintaining an ideal weight is not a problem for everyone who has done Graeme Jordan’s all-natural program correctly.

Graeme Jordan’s Weightloss Program provides natural support for managing weight along with following Graeme’s full eating plan with fresh, clean New Zealand grown foods. Unlike some traditional weight loss programs which use all sorts of drugs which can cause side effects Graeme Jordan’s Weightloss Program protects all your major organs and along with fresh water gently help the body flush out the unwanted bad fat. Fat then shifts from your problem areas, arms, hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks and the body reuses these fat deposits and burns them up as fuel. You can expect to lose up to .4 -.9kgs of fat a day and by doing this your body will naturally re-sculpt itself.


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